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Electrical Motor Types

Both single-phase and three-phase motors are used in residential and light commercial systems. However, because of their good running characteristics and high efficiency, single-phase motors are used almost exclusively as indoor and outdoor fan motors and as blower motors. Single-speed and multi-speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors are typically used in these applications. Use of […]

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Motor Electrical Problems

The most common causes of electrical failures in motors include: • Grounded, open, or shorted windings • Open internal overloads Grounded, Open, or Shorted Windings — Motors are rugged and reliable, but can fail in several ways. The motor may fail when the wires in one or more of the motor windings break, thereby opening […]

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System-Related Motor Problems

Motors can fail or appear to be faulty as a result of system related mechanical and/or electrical problems. Many motors are replaced unnecessarily because they are incorrectly judged to have failed. Before condemning the motor, be sure that none of the system-related mechanical or electrical conditions listed below are causing the problem. Electrical: • Check […]

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